Release Notes - 3G Queue: v1.0.3218.18315

4761: SF Case 72245 - Unable to search in Dynamic Virtual Containers in Notifications

The attachment picker now allows the user to search in dynamic virtual containers and static virtual containers.

4768: Search Should Trim Whitespace

Any spaces before and after the text in a search field is removed before the search is performed.

4769: "Files" column heading should read "File Name" in multiple upload wizard.

'Files' column in the multiple upload grid now reads 'File Name'.

4773: Multi Upload - Tick Boxes Should Not Be Selelcted By Default

The check boxes in the multi upload grid are now unchecked by default

4774: Change the term 'What' to read 'Subject' when craeting a new calendar event

When creating a calendar event, the user is now prompted for 'Subject:' rather than 'What:'.

4068: When creating a new security group, the container is loaded from the database.

The container is now retrieved from the session rather than requiring a call to the database.

4072: User permissions aren't checked when adding/editing/deleting item statuses.

User permissions are now considered when amending item statuses.

4552: Can not load complete tree in workflow container filter

The tree was being built in the wrong context. It is now loaded correctly.

4619: Workflow Email Notifications Need to Display Fullpath

The full path of the workflow is now shown on workflow email notifications.

4628: Mandatory Custom Fields on File Upload Tab need to be red

Mandatory custom fields are now red in the upload tab

4699: Highlight overdue items row text in bold red

Normal items are in black and not bold.
Unread items are in black and bold.
Overdue items are in red and not bold.
Unread, overdue items are in red and bold.

4704: Brava - Need ability to open primary file of any revision, not just the current one

This only affected PDFs and is now resolved.

4725: No dots in the filename

Files without extensions can now be uploaded to the personal container

4727: No properties page for markup documents

You can now view the properties page for Brava markups

4728: Request from RAV - Allow static containers to be created inside document containers

Static containers can now be created inside document containers.

4743: Revision Ref Not Incrementing When Document Revised In Tab

Revision ref automatically increments itself to the next number/letter when you revise using the tab

4745: Recipient and Locations pickers losing selections on file upload tab

Fixed the bug where locations/recipients were being reset

4777: "Has Attachments" column should say Yes or No

The "Has Attachments" column now shows "Yes" or "No" rather than "True" or "False".

4779: PDF Export Requires Tidying Up

Word 'SYSTEM' has been removed from PDF exports and the font size has been reduced to allow text to fit on the page better

4783: Selecting ALL in searches should only send an email.

Results returned defaults to 20.

4789: Selecting a revision in search shows latest revision details.

Selecting an issue revision now shows the details of that particular revision rather than the latest/current one.

4775: Change 'When' through event edit page

The time and date selectors are no longer greyed out.

Release Notes - 3G Queue: v1.0.3208.27374

4669: Add a setting to record the user's prefered columns

Users can now decide whether or not their visible columns will be saved for the next session.

4674: Investigate treeview exceptions further

A bug causing the treeview exceptions has been fixed.

4679: Cannot remove default location in user details dialog

The default location is now removable.

4682: Enterprise selection screen needs tidying up

Fixed problem where the footer of the enterprise selection screen overlapped with the middle section on low resolutions.

4683: Insufficient Privileges dialog needs to be consistent with rest of the application

Layout of 'insufficient privileges' page has been updated to be consistent with the rest of the application.

4684: When files are uploaded they should stay in the same case

Files now stay in the same case when they are uploaded.

4687: Thumbnails view filenames are truncated

Truncated file names in the thumbnail view are now suffixed with an ellipsis. The full file name is shown in the tool tip.

4689: Workflow problem after failed or incomplete save

Validation has been added to ensure duplicate nodes are not saved. Instead, the user receives a warning message.

4691: Ensure "large" thumbnail icons exist for all "small" grid icons

Large and small thumbnail images/grid icons now exist for all strongly supported file types.

4693: In workflow, changing recipients on a notification node doesn't mark the node as dirty

Changing the recipients on a notification node now marks the node as dirty (changed).

4694: Thumbnail view on My Searches is pointless. The data is also incorrect

The view selection toolbar is no longer available in My Searches.

4697: StatsSession object needs to save logout action

The logout action by the user is now logged to the database.

4699: Highlight overdue items row text in bold red

Items which are overdue are now highlighted for the user. This includes workflows with an overdue decision node.

4700: Overdue items search quicklink required on home page

There is a new search on the homepage, "Overdue Items". Selecting this redirects to the search page and lists all overdue items in within the current container. Sub containers are included in the search.

4709: Duplicate fields in forms menubar

Duplicates are no longer present.

4711: Can not add the value for a text area in form sections

The parser has been updated, repairing this issue.

4712: Search running twice when search grid loads

Fixed an issue where the database was being called twice in situations where it wasn't needed.

4713: Mandatory custom fields cause error when uploading documents

This error no longer occurs. Issue related to search running twice instead of once.

4714: Activity status issue related to tree node exceptions

Fixed treenode error when trying to add activity status to a workflow.

4717: Personal folder picker shows incorrect "Personal Container" name.

'Personal Container' now displays correctly on the treeview for the personal container item picker

4720: Can not run the saved search due to SQLException

This exception was temporary and no longer occurs.

4721: Custom field selection lists are created in the incorrect context

Custom field selection lists are now created in the correct context, not in the latest selected context.

4724: Invalid cast when deleting unregistered file

Fixed a bug where you could not delete a file from the personal container that had been opened in the multiple upload window.

4067: Business object does not check security when creating a new setting

Business Objects now checks security when creating a new setting

4152: Synchronise on dynamic virtual container is not working

"Synchronise" has been removed from the tree view context menu for dynamic virtual containers.

4288: Cannot see custom fields on static virtual containers

Custom fields are now visible on the static virtual container dialog.

4533: "Treeview Node Not Found" exception being logged hundreds of times

Treeview exception errors have been reduced dramatically.

4559: Validation is not working on Setting/User Setting Wizard

Validation on drop down lists on setting/user setting wizard now functions correctly.

4572: Revise document should use file upload tab

Documents can now be revised using the new upload tab by right clicking on the document.

4593: The permissions dialog needs to display the context of listed security groups

On the permissions dialog, the full path of the selected group or profile is shown below the list of groups and profiles in the "location" field.

4606: Need to change warning message displayed when requesting a deleted document

The document properties page now displays "document not found" if it has been deleted, rather than displaying a blank screen.

4621: Can not add document with new "Upload New File" tab

The upload tab is now working as it should.

4625: Can not open property page of markup in martix view

Markup properties can now be opend from the matrix view.

4631: In issues dialog, checkboxes for assigning items to users are not centered

Checkboxes are now centrally aligned in the grid.

4639: A SQL exception occurs opening an issue

The database has been updated to fix this issue.

4653: Crumb trail is incorrect when in personal container and other preset tree items.

Crumb trails are now shown for all items, not just custom ones. This includes:
Personal Calendar, Personal Container, Personal Folders, My Searches, Latest Items, Items For My Attention, Items Modified Between, Users, Organisations, Distributions, Issues, Notifications, Security Groups, Invitations.

4661: The toolbar is required on the thumbnail view

The thumbnail view now has a toolbar. This functions the same as in the default view.

4663: Uploading large files results in connectivity error messages

Made some tweaks to the upload tab to help with uploading large files.

4665: The upload tab should be disabled if the user cannot add a document

The tab to the new upload panel is now hidden if the user has insufficient permissions.

Release Notes - 3G Queue: v1.0.3195.22660

4670: User setting for the number of items returned in lists.

There is now a user setting to allow users to set there preferred number of search results.

4671: Default results returned to the UI in lists is 10 - can it be 20?

The default number of results in a search is now 20 instead of 10.

4673: Route to pin is difficult to use.

Side panels now slide in and out smoothly and the logic governing their 'window pins' has been improved to make it easier to click them.

4675: Viewing all items in a Container in Thumbnail view loses all thumbnails...

Thumbnails are now always shown (when applicable) in search results.

4677: File Type ICON is displaying multiple images per type.

File types on the live server now display correct icons for all supported file types.

4678: Dots in the RHSWidth

User settings for the size of the left and right panels which have a decimal place no longer crash the system.

4686: Missing icon for DXF files

File icon for .dxf files is now shown in search results.

4469: Viewing a file using Brava does not get logged in the Journal

Viewing Files and Mark-Ups via Brava now gets logged in the Journal.

4521: Permissions need to be applied twice when unchecking inherit button at container level

When clicking apply on a permissions form after altering the selection state of the "Inherit Permissions" checkbox, the ACL list will be updated accordingly.

4541: Tabs are not working on document container

Issue regarding mandatory custom fields on documents stopping tabs from working in document container has been resolved.

4546: Can not create Template

Templates can not be created when there is a top level document container.

4555: Custom fields sometimes appear twice on Upload File tab

If the document is not valid when the user clicks to create the document then the custom fields no longer appear twice.

4559: Validation is not working on Setting/User Setting Wizard

Validation now works on setting wizard.

4573: Search is not working on Document container

Mandatory Custom Fields no longer stop the search from running in document containers.

4575: Brava - extend supported file types

3G can now support Office 2007 document formats along with some additional new file formats through Brava

4576: 'Upload New File' tab - default doc name & description truncated

Fixed problem on file upload tab where file names and descriptions were being truncated

4577: 'Upload New File' tab - exception when selected filename is long

Fixed a bug regarding the Multiple Upload Tab and large filenames.

4590: Custom Fields Wizard - Min Length entry field misaligned

Fixed layout issue on the custom fields wizards

4620: Can we have processing message on project creation?

When creating a template or creating a container from a template, a loading message is shown to inform the user that processing is taking place.

4632: Zipping and Unzipping functionality is not working on the QA deployment of 3G

Functionality that requires zipping and unzipping will work without errors.

4633: Missing fullpath in Check In Document wizard

The fullpath value for documents in the "Check In" wizard now shows the correct path.

4640: Select Enterprise Screen is not displaying correctly if opened in a small window

There is now a scrollbar on the 'select enterprise' screen for users running at low resolutions.

4649: Crumb Trail details incorrect location

Breadcrumb trails for 'Personal Container' now appear correctly.

4650: LIVE - Brava - Error opening doc, looks like filename truncated from .DWG to .DW

Filenames can now be upto 255 chars long, and documents viewed in Brava will always have the extension appended so the Net-It Server knows how to publish them correctly.

4651: Cannot sort templates form.

The templates list on the "Manage Templates" dialog is now sortable.

4652: Restyle upload tab

The upload tab has been restyled

4654: Selecting an issue and clicking Delete doesn't do anything.

Deleting an issue now works using the delete button on the toolbar.

4655: Apply link is showing on new issues and it should just be on existing issues

Apply link does not appear until after a new issue has been saved.

4659: Document properties modified date time is 1 hour out (daylight saving issue)

Modified date and time for documents is now correct.

4660: Text out of alignment on Select Enterprise Screen

The footer of the 'select enterprise' screen has been changed so the text aligns better.

4662: Feedback link required on homepage

Added a feedback link to the top-right corner of the homepage.

4667: Thumbnail view does not show if document has markups

The "Markup Available" icon is now displayed in the thumbnail view.

4668: Brava - Thumbnail view - files should have link to open in Brava

"View in Brava" links now available for Documents in Thumbnail view

Release Notes - 3G Queue: v1.0.3183.18767

4384: Presence awareness

The online status of users is now show in the search users grid. This is in the form of a green or red user icon spcifying online or offline status respectively.

4623: Stats datetime timezone

This is now stored in UTC instead of Local Time.  This is visible in the presence awareness, which was comparing UTC to local times and resulted in people appearing online for an hour after they had last loaded a page.

4326: Percentage complete. New field on documents.

Documents now have a percentage complete field. This can be edited in the document wizard.

4020: Permission error creating a new template

You can now create new templates if you have permission to.

4024: Cannot delete the saved searches

Saved searches can now be deleted

4596: Calendar notification email link not correct

Calendar Notification email link now opens correctly

4599: In the Issues dialogue the loading bar only displays the first time you load a pop up window

Loading bar is now displayed every time the pop up window opens

4603: Brava - Fix open markup dialog so correct timestamp displayed

Timestamp displayed correctly now in the Markkup Dialog.

4604: Location field in activity statuses grid is displaying description data

The location field in the activity statuses dialog now shows the full path of the statuses.

4607: Create new security group - checks permissions against wrong ID

The permission check is now based on the correct context.  The issue resolved was that if you were in an enterprise and you expanded tree nodes then right clicked a tree node without left clicking it to create a security group you would see the permissions on the enterprise rather than the node you right clicked.

4611: Multiple upload tab - Dots in the filename

Fixed a bug where multiple dots in a filename would crash the multiple upload tab.

4612: cannot edit a static virtual container name

Static Virtual Container names are now editable.

4433: Mark up Author and Date are Incorrect

Author and Authored Date on Mark Ups are now correct.

4442: Consistency of name/description

Tasks and discussions now have a description field.  Also all Name and Description fields are now consitently named, rather than being called things like Name/Number.

4496: Create as menu does not appear for sub document containers

Users can now create sub document containers as SVCs and DVCs

4517: Thumbnails Displaying Incorrectly in IE6

Fixed compatibility issue where workflow termination nodes and search thumbnails were not showing properly in IE6.

4521: Permissions need to be applied twice when unchecking inherit button at container level

When clicking apply on a permissions form after altering the selection state of the "Inherit Permissions" checkbox, the ACL list will be updated accordingly.

4522: Security Groups and Invitations tree view nodes required under Directory nodes

'Security Groups' and 'Invitations' have been added to the tree right-click menus for 'Enterprise', 'Project' and 'Site' nodes.

4524: Link to document container from email opened in tab without navigation tree on left.

Document containers that are linked-to from emails now open within the main application's frames rather than on their own.

4527: Discussion poster should be automatically added to the recipient list

When notifying recipients (via email) of changes to a task or discussion, the user who posted the item is also notified.

4531: Cannot run Saved Searches on Load QA Build

Saved Searches can now be run on Load QA Build

4532: File Upload Tab should display same name exception in validation text

If you try to upload a file with the same name as one that already exists using the File Upload Tab you are informed of this in the validation text and you can now rename the document and tray to save it again.

4536: Need to change "Last Run Date" on My Searches

When saving a new search, the "Last Run Date" is initialised to the current date and time.

4550: Wording on password change notification

Emails notifying password change or reset no longer start with "FYI".

4558: Description field should not be mandatory on User Setting Wizard

User settings description is no longer a mandatory field.

4559: Validation is not working on Setting/User Setting Wizard

Validation now works on setting wizard.

4560: Getting error when try to add Member to the Security Group

The Profile Picker now works correctly when used to modify the members of a Security Group.

4562: Recipient picker refreshing parent window on close

Fixed a problem where the recipient picker was refreshing the parent window when it closed in order to 'un-grey' the screen, even if the screen had not been greyed out to begin with.

4564: Can not find the user list

Fixed a problem where the page number was displaying incorrectly

4566: LastRunDate in my searches is an hour behind.

The LastRunDate is now converted to the local time before being displayed.

4568: remove the single upload button

Removed the single upload button in 'personal container'

4571: File Upload Tab needs to log the file uploaded details into stats

Stats are now recorded for files uploaded using the File Upload Tab

4576: 'Upload New File' tab - default doc name & description truncated

Fixed problem on file upload tab where file names and descriptions were being truncated

4577: 'Upload New File' tab - exception when selected filename is long

Fixed a bug regarding the Multiple Upload Tab and large filenames.

4579: Brava - only first recipient saved when saving Mark Ups

All selected internal recipients are now saved correctly with the Mark Up

4580: Cannot create SVC

SVCs can now be created.

4582: Matrix view broken

Fixed a bug which affected the matrix view

4588: Missing Markup file in DVC

Markups now returned to List for virtula containers

4589: Cannot add security group from another site

User can now add security groups from other sites

4590: Custom Fields Wizard - Min Length entry field misaligned

Fixed layout issue on the custom fields wizards

4042: Workflows display duplicate outcome names

Workflows now no longer show duplicate outcome names

Release Notes - 3G - Release Program: v1.0.3167.17151

4029: Suggestion - can popups be resizable

Most wizards and popup dialogs have been made resizable.

3767: In selection - custom fields - cannot change order of selections.

It is now possible to change the order of list items when creating a selection custom field.


4020: Permission error creating a new template

You can now create new templates if you have permission to.

4340: Sort order issue for numerical and date columns in search grid

When sorting search results by a column containing numbers or dates, the list is sorted numerically or chronologically respectively.

4365: Change the subject field of discussions and tasks for email replies

Emails that you can reply to in order to post to tasks and discussions now have the ID of the item at the end rather than the start.

4377: Cannot remove user from group when inviting users

Users can now be removed from groups when using the invite wizard.

4379: Activity Log only Recording Some Amendments to User Profile.

Amendments to User Profile Permissions and Contact Channels now show in the Activity Log

4381: Navigation arrows in recipient picker appears disabled but throws error when clicked

Navigation arrows are now disabled correctly.

4393: Profile name updates are not shown until the user logs in again

Changes to profile name are now shown straight away.

4408: 65515 Task 42 - Uploading Error with non mandatory radio button custom fields.

If the user does not select an item for a non mandatory radio button custom field and there is no default value then the value will default to the first radio button in the list.

4414: 65520 Task 38 - SVC Search all revisions

You can now search for all revisions in SVCs.

4420: Error: Name too short when creating new custom field

Custom Field was being saved before clicking Finish.  This has now been corrected.

4432: 65547 Task 23 - Task Container All record selection

Displaying all records now works.

4436: Need an activity log link on the context menu for entities on the navigation tree

Activity Log is now in the context menus of items in the Navigation Tree

4441: Invitation page layout needs changing before release

Layout issues regarding the Add Groups and the Assign Users arrow on the Invitation Wizard have been resolved.

4458: 65819 Task 53 - Sorting by Days To Expire column does not work correctly

You can now correctly sort by Days to Expire column.

4460: Exception renaming tree node

Renaming tree nodes has been disabled and also when the exception occurs under any circumstances the tree view will refresh rather than show the exception in the tree view pane

4463: Remove responded date from Invite Batch Detail form until the user has responded

The responded date label now only displays if the user has responded to the invite.

4464: 65923 Task 55 - Search date picker

Date pickers on search pages now no longer default to today's date.

4467: 65927 Task 59 - Stopping task email notifications being sent on subsequent postings

Users can stop email notifications being sent on subsequent postings by unchecking the email check box when editing a task

4471: Selections not being cleared when you change Records Per Page

Selected items are now cleared so previous selections do not affect subsequent grid displays.

4476: 66175 Task 66 - Discussion Activity Log clock error

Changing the due date of a discussion now logs the correct time.

4479: Attachment picker locks discussion window - the recipient picker doesnt

Opening the 'Add Attachment' or 'Add Reci?ient' popup window from a discussion now disables the parent window until an attachment or recipient has been successfully added.

4482: Recipients changing over discussion posts.

Changed the way Recipients are stored while adding or editing a Discussion item

4483: The word Item appears twice at the end of the question to confirm task deletion.

A typing error was fixed in the discussions section.

4489: 66496 Task 70 - Exporting Search results

When exporting a list of documents to PDF format the headers now fit the grid properly.

4491: 66498 Task 72 - Distribution Issues Recipient Summary

In the issue recipient summary section recipient who have not yet read the issue are now shown as 'unread'.

4495: Markup Image is not visible in column alongside file type icon.

The icon column is search results now resizes itself to accommodate markup icons.

4497: tree picker for workflow does not show all containers to choose.

'Add Container' tree for workflows now shows all containers.

4498: Need a message on the close button

Workflows now prompt the user for confirmation before closing if there have been any changes made.

4500: Create in field is mandatory however it isnt in red and is not starred

The "Create in:" field shown when creating a document containter as a static virtual container is now mandatory.

4502: Recipient Picker on Multi Upload Edit Grid does not contain any Users

The recipient picker now displays the users that could be recipients in the container that the document is to be created in when creating a document from the multi upload grid.

4507: Typo on New Discussion Form

Corrected a spelling error in the discussion section.

4515: Multi Upload Validation shows all Rows If Any Rows Fails Validation

Validation now only shows the invalid row(s) with the reason the file was invalid

4388: Error Viewing Document

A suitable error message is displayed if a user clicks on a link to a document that another user has deleted since the document link was displayed.

4089: Date Format consistency

Dates/times shown around the system are now in a more consistent format.

4210: Dynamic Queries Do Not Load Thumbnail Info

Dynamic Searches now display the thumbnail pictures

4345: Error creating invites

Invite Wizard can now be ran through without an exception when clicking on Finish.

4449: Invitation Issue With New Build

An issue when creating Invites in the live area was resolved.

4486: Icon for Workflow Missing on Permissions Form

Workflow icon is now correct on the permissions form

3676: Grids are not aligned at base

Grids on Issue Details forms are now aligned at the base

Release Notes - 3G - Release Program: v1.0.3154.28187

4029: Suggestion - can popups be resizable

Most wizards and popup dialogs have been made resizable.

4075: New Business rule for groupmember and profile objects.

Users invited with SYS ADMIN permissions are now forced to create a new profile.
You also cannot merge SYS ADMIN profiles

3912: Can not create DVC via "Create As" option on Document.

DVCs can now be synchronized with the original container.

3982: SearchResults.aspx grid after ajax calls stops updating the toolbar

Toolbar now updates after a search has ran

3984: Can not upload the document from Personal Con?ainer

This issue was only caused when adding external recipients when creating a document from personal container.  The issue has been resolved.

3994: Profile picker seems to remeber selections

The profile picker now clears its selections when moving to different containers etc.

4134: Window Size - Review All Window Sizes to ensure defaults are adequate

All dialog windows are noe resizable and can be maximised.

4164: Exception raised when running saved searches

Saved searches can now be ran without receiving errors

4174: remove quick info from popups and wizards

Quick info boxes are no longer displayed in popup dialogs, properties windows, and wizards.

4177: In issues, the attachment and recipient grids are not lined up correctly

Grids are now correctly aligned in the Issues UI

4196: Missing help files display error

If help files are missing, the help areas now display the table of contents rather than an error.

4216: Error posting a reply to an existing task

Minor code fix to accomodate the addition of the Net1 directory at the root of the web app

4219: Multi uppload Recipients and Attachments on Advanced Grid Should Not Be Drop Downs

The drop downs have been modified to be comma seperated lists to make it obvious they are read only cannot be modified within the grid.  To modify them, use the edit form opened by clicking the edit button on a row in the multi upload grid.

4233: Open Full Image in New Browser when Click On Thumbnail

Thumbnail previews of search results can be now be clicked on to be viewed in a popup window.

4237: Make the Invitation step where user's & security groups are linked more informative

Labels added to the wizard to guide usage

4246: Columns wrapping text and it looks terrible.

If text is too big to fit in a column now it displays three dots at the right side of the column to indicate more text.

4252: In-line tree edit

Added in-line editing of Enterprise, Site & Project names, and one-click Document container creation

4254: Database Error Sending Invitations

A database issue on the QA server has now been resolved and invitations can be sent from the QA server.

4255: Error Searching for Groups In Invitation Wizard When Used From Select Enterprise Screen

The tree picker context from the invitation wizard now displays the full system tree when using the wizard from the enterprise selection screen.

4256: Invitation error - tree picker context incorrect

The tree picker context from the invitation wizard is now correct when logged in as 4padmin user and using the wizard from the enterprise selection screen.

4257: Modify Invite Database Calls

There was a problem with the last build that went onto the live server whereby the database was updated but the application updates to match did not make it in time.  We had to modify the database to accomodate this.

4259: Creating default groups when creating a container should give an option to collaborate

When you create a new Enterprise, Site or Project you can now choose if the default security groups are created with collaborate turned On or Off

4261: Clipboard adding all revisions of a document when only one selected

Selected revisions of a document are now added to the clipboard as expected.

4262: Error message when trying to delete active tasks and discussions is too complicated

The error message now reads: "Unable to delete item while there are active posts on it".

4267: Inconsistence on Page Navigation

Custom setting for 'CONTAINER_RECORD_LENGTH' is now reflected in the 'Records Per Page' dropdown on search forms.

4269: Create New Item Status menu disabled if no permission

If the user does ?ot have permission to add item statuses the create new item status menu item is now disabled.

4271: can not edit the Task

The Response Required value is now saved when editing a Task

4273: State value is missing for Task

Tasks search results now shows the State

4274: SQL ExceptionOccured  Error on Task

This was a permission issue when redirecting a task.  This is now resolved and tasks can be redirected.

4276: reply to tasks/discussions requires a setting

The ability to post a response to a task or discussion can now be enabled or disabled per container by a setting.

4277: Progress Indicator Missing Loading Search DropDowns

A progress bar now appears when loading lists on the search page.

4279: SQL Exception error in Search for Text in Files

Full text search now works with text with spaces in (i.e. more than one word)

4280: Missing state information for Discussion

Discussion search results now show the State of the Discussion.

4282: Post is not added to Discussion when reply to eamil

Replying to a discussion email now adds the post to the discussion correctly

4283: Invitation Issue Inviting New Users With Same Names and Email Addresses

The message is now better when this happens.  The person receiving the invite is an existing user but the person who created the invite has not selected that user but has created a new user for them.  The invite needs to be created again with the user selecting the existing user to invite.

4286: Cannot open task for view or post

Viewing empty mandatory Custom Fields that have been retrospectively added to Tasks & Discusssions no longer causes an exception

4289: Can not remove member(s) from Security Group

Members can now be removed from Security Groups

4295: Admin user can change the permission for 4Padmin login

Admin users can no longer change permissions for the 4PAdmin login

4300: New permissions need to be added to default administrator group template

There was an issue where newly added permissions - add,edit,delete container were not picked up in the security group template.  This has now been resolved

4301: Cannot see the container after I change the permission

Fixed bug where static and dynamic sub containers were disappearing when permissions were changed.  This was due to the fact that the HasChildren property was not getting retrieved from the database correctly.  This has now been resolved

4302: Search return no records with "Date Range" value

"On or before" date searches should now function as expected

4308: Hover over text "create document" on the document folder toolbar needs to be changed to "Add Item"

The tooltip text has been changed as required

4311: IMPORTANT - Cannot create a discussion with a question mark in the title

Discussions and Tasks can now be created with question marks in the title.

4317: Cannot open Task or Discussion Containers

Users can now open task and discussion containers.

4318: Add "No of Posts" col to view causes exception

Removed some redundant code to prevent the exception

4320: Stored procedure not checking that HeaderLocation's are ACTV when joining on the table

Minor fix required to ensure search results are as expected.

4321: Running dynamic search on "My Searches" grid causes Exception

Dynamic saved searches can now be ran from the My Searches grid without any errors.

4324: Help popup is not resizable

The Help popup is now resizable.

4328: Activity Status not displayed after creation

If the user does not have permissions to add Activity Status then the link is disabled.

4330: Help displays Waiting when the application first opens

Help?now displays 'Table of Contents' instead of 'Please Wait...' when page now opens.

4341: Resizing of document details dialogue

Dcoument details dialog now resizes nicely

4344: Cannot Delete Document

This was an issue when creating documents from the multi upload grid and creating secondary files by dragging one document in the grid over another one.

4346: Activity Statuses not being saved

Statuses are now being saved as expected

4349: Tooltips needed when a column's value is truncated

Hovering your mouse over a table cell that has been truncated will now display a tooltip containing its complete value.

4350: Exception when Search clicked on Enterprise's context menu on tree

Issue caused when using the search results page from anywhere other than a document container has now been resolved.

4354: Green Arrow associating new invitees and security groups in wrong place

Green Arrow is now correctly placed in the middle of the 2 grids

4356: Left Align Result Set

Result set is now displayed with left alignment.

4363: can not edit Text for Notification node

The Email Text field in a WF Notification Node can now be updated.

4364: Delete profile - this needs to check that you are a 4projects Administrator

Only Sys Admin users can delete profiles now.

4369: Document Notification Email Link Not Opening Document

The notification email now links to the document container rather than the login screen.

4374: Inconsistency With Close and Finish Buttons on Custom Field Creation Wizard

Custom Field Creation Wizard now has consistent buttons and a redundant final step was removed.

4382: Move Calendar from directory

The project calendar no longer sits inside of the "Directory" structure, instead it sits directly beneath the project itself. It is now simply called "Calendar".

4386: SQL Error on Search

Stored procedure SearchDynamic_Get_queued changed to prevent SQL Exception being raised

4392: Unzipping Files in Personal Container

Unzipping zip files when uploading them to the personal container now works.

4444: Permissions dialog not being updated when new user's selected via Profile Picker

Selected profiles are now added to the Object Permissions dialog as expected

4124: entering email text return key does not put in a carriage return

The email textbox now allows use of the return key to start a new line.

4125: Notify checkbox should be checked by default

The Notify checkbox is now checked by default for WF decision node panel members

4128: exporting data should have workflow activity status value listed

Workflow status can now be seen on exported search results.

4133: close button is hidden on the node edit page

The "close" button on a workflow's "Approval Usage" dialog is now visible. Scrolling is no longer required to see it.

4312: URL icon missing

The 4Projects logo shows in the address bar and in the favourites menu.

4266: Wrong information about Post number on Email for Discussion

The number of posts mentioned in a Discussion email notification is now correct.

4089: Date Format consistency

Dates/times shown around the system are now in a more consistent format.

3789: Invitation wizard.

After adding users to groups in the invitation wizard, the checkboxes in the selection grids are unchecked.

3808: Invitations - if you press the return key after entering in a new e-mail address you loose the previous details

Pressing enter no longer causes a loss of other user details.

3809: Invitations - If you try to delete a blank 'line' at stage 3 of invitations the details for the previous user are deleted

Blank rows can now be deleted without loss of p?evious edits and amendments of other users.

3826: Opening files launches the full application and not within IE

When clicking on a document's name/number, the file will now be opened in a popup window.

3313: 2 loading animations

A single progress bar is now displayed instead of the two large loading animations.

3332: Organisation permissions wording

Updated security message on user details form.

3365: General Look of search pages.

Improved look and feel of search page.

3518: Attachment error discussions.

When adding an attachment to a discussion, 'finish' cannot be clicked until the attachment has been successfully added.

3717: Alignment issue with check boxes on Invite Wizard grid.

Checkboxes in grids now align correctly.

Release Notes - 3G - Release Program: v1.0.3112.22794

3898: Cant break inheritance if ACLs is dirty.  Show this with some Javascript in UI

There was a problem where inheritance couldnt be broken and permissions couldnt be channged at the same time.  If they were changed at the same time, permissions were not saved correctly.  Changed so that inheritance can only be broken if permissions are not changed.

3729: Requirement to add true inheritence/cascading to ACL's on objects

Requirement for permission inheritance to be more flexible.  Permission inheritance can now be broken at any level and the user can now decide which permissions to inherit.

4150: Are header locations editable when revising a document?

2G does allow Locations (aka Categories) to be edited when revising a document

4080: Template Library

Admin users can now create Enterprise, site and project templates and save them as library templates.  These templates are stored in the root and can therefore be reused in any context.  Library templates are listed in the manage templates areas.

4114: Profile Name's displayed in doc's property page, use UserFriendlyProfileNames instead?

The User's full name will now be displayed appended with their profile name

4154: Display Full Path (ie. target container) on step 1 of doc wizard

The Full Path of the document is now displayed

4156: When clicking on add user in permissions box it throws a sql error

The Add User dialog link from the permissions screen is now working

4160: Directory at Container level returns error

The container level user directory is now working

4165: Discussion Edit Post

The editing of a discussion item's configuration is now journalled correctly

4167: When creating a setting at root it throws an error if you select canoverride

Settings no longer throw an error when you select canoverride

4173: fiddler - showing needless http requests

The help page should now only get reloaded if the right-hand help pane is pinned.

4179: Editing a customfield seems to add it to the group multiple times

The custom fields no longer duplicate themselves in a containing CF Group if they're edited

4187: Error when trying to view permissions

The Permissions dialog now closes gracefully should there be no Group or Profile permissions to display

4188: Discussion zip file

Task & Discussion notification emails no longer have an attachment containing the posts. However users can continue to click the link within the email to directly open the respective item.
This has the added benefit of logging the Read in the activity log, whereas no record could be made of when (and by whom) the email's attachment was read.

4198: IMPORTANT: Additions to Stats

Stats logging now includes the server name that served a page or file.

4201: CSS on calendar

Calendar styles similar now to 4Projects styles.

4202: Usability suggestion?

Calendar Items can be submitted by hitting enter now. The "What" textbox has the focus when the create window appears.

4204: Try to change the skin and get this error

Removed the ability to change skins on the calendar control.  The skins are not consistent with the 3G UI anyway.

4205: If you click the today button on the calendar control you get the attached JS error

Calendar Today button not visible when button is not enabled

4217: URGENT: can not click on E-mail link

The invite emails now display the invite url as a hyperlink stating Click Here rather than just UrL in plain text that you have to copy and paste into a browser address field

4218: Brava - Error when trying to open a saved markup

Configuration on the server has been corrected and this is no longer an issue.

4220: can not edit Settings

This was down to the user not having permission.  The message is now more meaningfull rather than just an error message.

4225: Once we revise the document we can not open document´┐Żs property

Document properties can now be opened following revision.

4226: Can not add new document

Mandatory workflows no longer stop users without the Manage Workflows permission from uploading documents.

4230: can not add user for permissions

You can now click Add User on Permissions dialogue and add a user.

4234: Thumbnail Images Can be Viewed without logging in by copying and pasting the UrL

If you copy and paste a thumbnail UrL from the properties of the image into the address of a different browser you now get redirected to the 3G login page.

4236: URGENT: can not search in "Group Picker"

Can now use the search in the group picker without any issues.

4143: possible bug in Task Redirect

There was a bug where the list to display assignees of tasks was different to the list of users in the project.  Fixed this by passing in the correct container id.

4145: Cannot revise a document which has a location set - categories in 2G

You can now revise documents which have a Location set

4146: Cannot Edit a revision - and uncheck the location field and save.

Header Locations can be editied during a document edit or revision

4147: System admin cant load workflows created by other users

There was an issue where only creators of workflows could edit them.  Changed so that there is a manage workflow permission at container level.  Any group or user with the permission can edit/create workflows in the context.

4081: User Settings link in tree - URGENT

User Settings no longer appear under the Directory node in the tree view.

3684: Problem with permissions edit

There was a problem where permissions changed at a higher level would overide permissions at a lower level.  This is now configurable, the new security means that inheritance can be broken at any level

3688: Revision History grids on SVC config pop-up are not aligned

SVC Revision History now displayed using a single grid.

3846: Check if any dates are created in BO

Dates are no longer created in the business objects in readiness for internationalization.  All dates are created in the Database.

3878: Show Markup Revision properties (only showing markup properties now)

Markup Revision Properties now display like Document Revision Properties

3765: Requirement for new permissions

Added new permissions for Add Container, Edit Container and Delete Container.  This means that permissions on objects can differentiate between Editing/Adding/Deleting items such as documents and Editing/Adding/Deleting folders such as projects

3769: Doc upload wiz not saving default custom field values if Finished early

Document upload wizard applies the default custom field values if the wizard is finished at the earliest opportunity.

3780: Only the creator of a workflow is able to view it in the workflow section, everyone else trying to access it get an error messag

A new permission called Manage Workflows was created to resolve this issue.

4118: "Username or password incorrect" message appear twice

A check is now in place to prevent the error message being displayed twice

4120: enterprise list is not refreshed when new enterprise is added

Enterprise list is refreshed automatically after a new Enterprise is created

4121: Create default groups check box should be check by default

The checkbox is now checked by default

4122: Need a checkbox on here "Allow Item creation"

This functionality (only allowing containers to hold other containers and no items) is already implemented via the container's permissions dialog

4123: can not edit custom field

Editing customfields was checking for incorrect permission.  Resolved

4127: email not in HTML templated format

Invitation emails are now sent out in HTML by default

4130: can not add document via Personal container

There was a problem where items could not be added to the personal container.  This was due to an incorrect setting value

4132: We need a way of listing which settings have been created at enterprise level

The user can view the settings at the enterprise level.

4137: Workflow Item for your attention.

The wording of emails sent to notify users of Workflow Decisions has been amended

4138: can not add Organisation or User Filter on wrokflow

can now add Organisation or User filter on Site or Enterprise level workflow.

4092: Keywords property control does not seperate keywords

Keywords are now seperated by commas

4098: Workflow details not correct

The Workflow viewer screen now displays the Workflow's name & description, and the Start & Due Date labels also show the time along with the date.

4101: Requirement to list users on any given container

It was not possible to list users on any container, only Enterprises, sites and projects.  Users can now be listed on any container/object

4102: Where clause in dynamic searches limited to 100 chars

The dynamic search clause can now be a max of 4,000 characters

4103: Displayed Current Revision incorrect in matrix view

The Current Revision label is now correct when in matrix view

4106: Workflow searches

Users can now search for current & overdue items awiting their approval, along with their own items awaiting approval from someone else

4108: dedupe the statuses in 3G import extranets.

Future imports wont duplicate 2G doc statuses

4109: Add organisation context menu for left hand tree

Requirement for new organisation searches.  Created new searches to list organisations on any object

4110: grid columns do not clip the content when too large

SearchResults.aspx grid list view improvments to handle large text data. The grid columns no longer span to the length of the text.

4111: task and discussion emails

Task & Discussion email subject lines are now "4Projects Task: <item name>" and "4Projects Discussion: <item name>" respectively

4113: Objectid in acl table - problem

There was a problem where the objectid for a principal of type profile was incorrect in the acl table.  This is now fixed to always be the objectid of a profile

3915: Calendar Feature

Calendar Feature is now available.

3918: Permissions Dialog - Inherit Parent Permissions

There was an issue where the inherit permissions checkbox was enabled when the user didnt have permissions to change acls.  This ha? now been resolved so the checkbox is disabled

3957: Add Timescale to workflow nodes

Workflows and Approval Nodes now have a timescale property (that defaults to 24hrs).
Under the Advanced Search panel user's can search for overdue items in a Workflow where they are a panel member

3973: Security group templates have some permissions which shouldnt be there

There was an issue in security group templates where some permissions were available which shouldnt have been.  Resolved

3975: Scroll Bar Incorrectly Placed On MatrixView

The main frame now expands uniformally, removing the scroll bar that was obscuring the last row in the matrix view

3983: Add Directory Menu to context menu.

The user can view organisations and users with access to that particular container.

3989: can not see the list of users

There was an issue when clicking on redirect on a task.  The users presented were not the same as the users listed in the project.  This has now been resolved

3990: User settings - issues

Small user settings issues have been resolved.

3996: Missing task in import and task with missing attachment

Data import tool now handles circular references (i.e. where a task has an attachement and that attachement has the task itself as an attachment of it).

4006: clipboard - need a download all items link

The Clipboard now has a "Download All" link

4015: Need a checkbox to determine if recipients should be emails

Task, Discussions and document creation processes has a new option which determines whether emails are send to the recipients. The option "Email" is defaulted to true which sends emails to all recipients to notify them of any changes. This option can be set to false to ensure no notifications are send to the recipients.

4018: not able to create custom field group : Urgent Please

Fixed.  Populated the static table Customfieldappliabletypes

4022: downloading content of clipboard truncated

Folders within the downloaded zip are now named uniquely using the item's type and it's full path

4031: Thumbnails do not resize correctly

Thumbnails now size correctly and also an issue has been fixed that stopped file that had a ratio of more than 100:1 or 1:100 (i.e. 101:1 or 1:101) from uploading

4038: Status changes tasks discussions

User friendly descriptions added for task and discussion states.

4046: Names should be displayed as forname and surname

Users are now listed with their Full Names followed by their Profile Names in brackets

4049: 3G Brava Install Issue

Brava client installation is resolved.

4051: error during delete the VSC

You are now warned & prevented in deleting a SVC which has sub-SVC's

4053: Richard having permissions errors

There was a problem where userprofiles were not updated if they were removed from the system admin group.  Isadmin is updated accordingly when a member is removed from the sys admin group

4055: Menu on tree - options should be greyed out when disabled.

New CSS styles applied to context menus on left hand tree to improve consistency and appearance.

4059: Keywords and Custom Fields Missing From Tasks and Discussions View and Post forms

Tasks and Discussions View and Post now displays the Keywords and Custom Fields

4060: IsAdmin setting on profile is not set to false when removing profiles from admin group.

There was a problem where the profile object was not updated with the correct 'IsAdmin' value when the profile was removed from the sys admin group.  This is now updated correctly.

4063: Different result when click on thumbnail view

The thumbnail view toolbar button has been disabled for the Distributions folder

4074: Add a messa?e to the group member management page.

A label has been added to inform the user they must click OK for any changes in the Group's membership to be saved

4077: step 4 of document upload wizard lists users with username.

The recipient's grid in the Document upload wizard now displays both the User's Full and Profile Names

3697: shouldnt be able to remove the only file browse control

Personal folder file upload control minimum visible file input controls is restricted to one.

4090: sender email address should be changed to be that of the user posting discussions or tasks.

The poster's email address is now used for the FROM field in the dispatched email

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